This is my story…

I was born on 15.08.1991 in Prilep, Macedonia. After attending primary and secondary school (medical assistant) in my hometown, it was about time to decide what to study. I initially pursued a degree in medicine (doctor of medicine), attempting to follow in the footsteps of my mom. After two years, in which I was not bad at all, I realized that it wasn’t the right fit for me, and I did not see myself as a doctor. It was a tough decision, but I’m glad that I had the guts to make it and left medical college.

The next period was not easy for me since all my close friends were busy with college, and they had already planned their career paths. I had been periodically working as a waiter to earn some pocket money and considering my options for the future. I’ve always been passionate about technology and computers, so I started exploring IT courses, such as Microsoft, CISCO, and CompTIA. I found a very good Academy -Computer Network Academy for System/Network Administrators, that was offering all of it in three semesters, as a whole package.

However, the program was quite expensive, and I needed to find a way to fund my education. Despite working hard to save money, I realized that I still couldn’t afford the fees for the academy. Determined to find a way to fund my education, I set my sights on a “work and travel” program in Malta. I knew that this opportunity would give me the chance to earn the money I needed to pay for my academy, but it was also a risky move.

I took a job as a waiter in Malta and worked 80 hours per week to earn enough money to pay for my academy fees. Despite the long hours and hard work, I remained focused on my goal and never lost sight of my dream – there was no plan B. With my tuition covered, I returned to Macedonia and moved to Skopje to begin my studies. I was determined to succeed and put everything I had. Hard work paid off, as I graduated with the highest grades in my class.

Following graduation, I quickly landed a job as a System Administrator, and the rest is history. I have been working in the IT industry for the past seven years(since 2016).

More about my Journey since getting employed.

Since starting my career, I have become very good at troubleshooting, system administration, and providing technical support. In my current role, I have scaled up from technical support tier 1 to technical support shift leader for tier 1, and now I am a senior technical support engineer, handling escalations and mentoring an awesome team.

I have worked with various technologies and have experience in multiple areas. This includes troubleshooting and administering Windows server machines, troubleshooting VMware ESXi/vCenter, virtualization in Hyper-V/VMware, backup strategy, disaster recovery planning, Active Directory, and troubleshooting networking and routing. In addition to technical skills, I have also developed leadership and team management abilities, soft skills, handling escalations, and high-temperature clients. My dedication, passion, and hard work have been instrumental in my success, and I am always striving to learn and grow in my career. Details about what I have worked on, projects, and technologies are in my resume.